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The coolest Porsche autos at the 2016 Luftgekühlt event

05/24/2016 14:19:07
The coolest Porsche autos at the 2016 Luftgekühlt event
The 2016 Luftgekühlt car event gathered the coolest Porsche autos ever in Downtown Los Angeles about a month ago.

Some of the coolest Porsche autos ever were showcased at the third Luftgekühlt event was held this year in Downtown Los Angeles. The Luftgekühlt name translates to air-cooled in German and, as the name suggests, was the theme of this year’s event.




Luftgekühlt is a brand founded initially as a series of automotive-themed events featuring a tightly-curated list of historically significant or interesting cars – both race and street. Generally there's no set formula for such events, but the participants are excited by cool venues, fun people and creative expression. This year the venue was a modern furniture manufacturing facility called Modernica, composed of several industrial warehouses and buildings.


rare Porsche


Those in attendance at 2016 Luftgekühlt included some of Porsche’s most recognizable figures including Porsche factory driver Patrick Long and renowned tuner Magnus Walker. Also in attendance was a very rare 1968 Porsche 911L Factory Race Car that was made street legal by its owners. But in fact all the cars present at the event were special and worthy attention.


Porsche car


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